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Hogtied Bind & Tie Hemp Bondage Rope 30ft/9m

Rugged, sturdy and soft, Doc's Hogtied Bind & Tie Hemp Bondage Rope affords bdsm-minded mates the perfect opportunity to showcase some advanced knot-working skills, though this long, easily handled Rope is definitely suited to newbie tiers-up, too.

Ultra strong and able to be stretched, twisted, tied, wrapped and bound around just about any body part, bedpost, bondage frame or otherwise, the extra long length is tipped by soft frayed ends, easy to find and secure. Though wrists and ankles are an obvious target, the Hemp Bondage Rope is likely long enough to fashion into more elaborate wraps, hogties and beyond. 100% natural hemp.

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CAD: $36.99


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Free Shipping when you spend over $50 !

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