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Exotique Candles 2 Pack

Explore your sensual side with Exotic Spa Candles! These candles melt at 94-98 Degrees Farenheit, making them a delight to have dripped on skin. Made with high quality spa grade wax, the dripped wax remains soft and peels off when cool in an intensely satisfying sensation, leaving your skin soft, sensitive and smooth. Great as foreplay, for adventure, creativity and even relaxation.
Available in 9 vivid colours, 5 UV colours and 3 intensities (Extra Gentle, Spa Regular, Spicy Intense).

2 Packs Spicy:
Available in lovely contrasting colours, or in UV colours! These candles feel way more intense, and the sensation of heat is prolonged. Fun Science Fact! They are less than 2 degrees difference from our Regular Spa Candles! These candles are great for folks who are not heat sensitive, or who enjoy intense sensations.

2 Packs Spa Regular:
Available in lovely contrasting colours, or in UV colours! These candles create a sensation akin to being licked by a fire dragon, hot, sensual, and yet the sensation fades away to a soft warmth almost immediately. Used by folks from all backgrounds, including in spa's for heat treatment. Our most popular product!

2 packs Extra Gentle:
Available in lovely contrasting colours or in UV colours. These candles are safe for heat sensitive skin, slightly warmer than a bath. Still incredible fun to play with, and reccomended if you are you are exploring wax in more intimate areas for the first time :)

These are custom made candles, due to the amount of variations of candles. Please email with you choices of candle colours.


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Free Shipping when you spend over $50 !

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